Our mission is to continually develop and improve our service to meet and exceed customer expectations and contribute to the success of the Corporate through the provision of timely, consistently high quality and professional IT solution at every customer contact, underpinning the Corporate’s strategic plan.

  • Quality Service
  • Efficient and Proactive
  • Single Point of Contact
  • Respect and Integrity
  • Teamwork


Nowadays, the evolutionary speed of the online world is amazing. To make customers feel more friendly and convenient, a complete IT system and network platform is a must.

OM Tech Company  have been providing IT outsourcing services to companies in Hong Kong, including website design, web development, ERP System, CRM System and SEO solutions.


In recent years, network marketing has provided enterprises with brand new business opportunities. The related programs and services of social networking platforms have become powerful tools for companies. OM Tech Company has mastered comprehensive related technologies for each project from design, development and online promotion. It also has a strong development and marketing team to provide customers with various types of marketing strategies and corresponding development services. We help customers in the most cost efficient way.


We have the experience of network consulting in Hong Kong, and can design the most suitable network marketing solutions for our customers and make their business more successful.